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Buying Local

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Put your community and your business needs first.

When you buy from a local business, it keeps money and jobs in your community and can help your local economy thrive. But there’s a more direct benefit of buying your office products from us. No other supplier will provide your organization and all its locations with the total commitment that we will. Because we understand that keeping you 110% satisfied keeps us in business.

Benefits of buying from local independent businesses:

• A partner-based relationship that guarantees your access and communication with everyone from your customer service representative and delivery person to the owner of our company.

Accountability that means you will always get the answers you need and total transparency in pricing and policies across the board — no getting lost in the corporate shuffle.

Flexibility in the way we accommodate your special requests, emergencies and corporate initiatives.

A shared sense of pride with us — knowing we are both doing our part to support our community.

Absolute responsiveness — fast, friendly service, from a business that is close by.

Our goal is always helping you meet yours.

It’s not a marketing slogan. It’s how we do business. Because we are in your neighborhood, we understand the challenges local businesses face. After all, we face them, too. We know that together we can come out on top, and in the process, so does our community.


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